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I’m so glad you stopped for a visit. If we were meeting in person, I would invite you to have a cup of coffee or tea, and I might ask you what you’re reading lately. I love a good story, regardless of the form: books, movies, fairy tales, a good joke, or the brave storytellers willing to lay it out in person. If you’re here for a good story, I’m happy to offer up my books and short stories. Then again, maybe you’re here because you know I speak about fear and abuse, and you have an audience who needs to hear about that right now. Quite possibly you’re here because you want to read my blog, Logophile, which is full of writing tips. If you’re a logophile like me, maybe you want to invite me to teach a writing workshop, or maybe you want to take one of my online courses. I can help with all of those things. Scroll down to the appropriate links below. They are the bread crumbs which will lead you on the right path.

In case we don’t know each other, allow me to introduce myself. I am a writer. I love words, and I have been practicing writing since I was a teen, more than 30 years ago. For most of my adult life I have also been a teacher. Writing, piano, public school, private school, college, life skills, self-help…I have taught a lot of things, and I still teach writing workshops when I am requested. Art has always brought me a lot of joy, and I have discovered over the years that my favorite art is making mosaics or sculpture using wire. Most of my art is nature-based, which makes a lot of sense if you know I am also an avid hiker. I live for the woods and mountains, especially if I can bring my guitar and sing with a group of friends. In general, I consider myself an artisan, but I am deeply attached to the ideal that all of us are here to contribute. All of us have a gift to share. What’s yours? Feel free to use the form at the top of the page to start a conversation with me so we can get to know each other.

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